Refund Policy

For customers not contented with the quality of product, On Time Assignments provides refund guarantee. However, the policy is only valid if the customer is displeased even after 7 revisions of the paper. The company will either:

Assign a new writer to complete the paper if it is sure that the assignment can be finished in the given deadline


Entertain the client a full refund


Before filing a refund request, clients must have enough bases to qualify for the refund. The company does not entertain any complaints that have insignificant mistakes for instance typographical errors as such mistakes can be corrected through revisions.

If the company wrongly overcharges a client due to faulty process of a credit card, it will be entitled to pay the customer with the incorrectly charged amount.

Contact And Dispute Resolution

For any complaint against On Time Assignments, the customer must settle the matter with the company prior to consulting any intermediary service.

In case both the client and the company fail to resolve the matter in 2 weeks, the customer will be free to get help of any intermediary to mediate in the matter.

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